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A beautiful princess must escape one treacherous vow…


And she must do so alone… 

without a prince to save her. 


Princess Aurelia is bound bound to the wicked king of Tranen by her mother’s single, dying wish: He must remarry a women who possesses her same golden hair. 


But Aurelia has magic on her side. Disguised by a cloak made of one-thousand furs, she escapes into the night with only memories of her sordid past and her own will for freedom. 


But after finding save haven in the beautiful kingdom of Saarland der Licht, will the secret of her identity be compromised when she captures the attention of the captivating Prince Klaus? 


Allerleirauh is a retelling of the classic Grimm fairy tale that takes hold from the first page until the end! If you’re a fan of retellings by Marissa Meyer, you’ll love Allerleirauh! 


Read it today!