8 Reasons Why You Should Read "WinterDream"

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house. . .

Not a creature was stirring, except for a mouse and a prince with a curse. "WinterDream" is a new, highly anticipated retelling of the classic Christmas tale of "The Nutcracker."

If you're looking for a romantic, adventurous, fantastical Christmas tale - look no further. And here are 8 reasons why you should give "WinterDream" a chance this holiday season!

1) A Nutcracker Prince

If you were a fan of the 1990 Time Warner Film, "The Nutcracker Prince," 'WINTERDREAM' is the book you've all been waiting for. The Nutcracker Prince is charming, brave and kind, despite being under a spell. You'll love his wit, and his tenderness towards Clara. A future book-boyfriend for sure!

2) Girl Power

We all love a strong heroine/hero. I'm all about writing characters (and in this case, women) who are strong, independent, brave - but most importantly - real. We all have our moments of weakness; those times when we're unsure of how to go on - if we can go on. . . but have the willpower to try. Clara finds herself in a few situations of battling against mice and facing unexpected villains - and doing so with her own sort of bravery.

3) Christmas Vibes

I don't know about you, but during the holiday season, I love to go full-out festive. There's noting quite like setting up the Christmas tree, baking cookies, burning Christmas-scented candles, and wrapping gifts. There's that magical, wonderful, joyful feeling that Christmas and the holidays can bring - and "WinterDream" will be no exception. Whether you're in Clara's home during her father's holiday party, or in the midst of the Sugarland Forest, there is a sense of joyful festivities on every page!

4) Mother Ginger's Kitchen

Can you smell the sweet scent of chocolate chip cookies? How about freshly baked bread? In "WinterDream," Mother Ginger runs an inn in the middle of the Sugarland Forest, and welcomes the Nutcracker Prince and Clara on their journey. It is in her kitchen that Clara learns more about the world she's entered, and the Nutcracker she's begun to travel with. Who doesn't love a warm and cozy kitchen, to sit and talk with new-found friends? (The cookies, obviously, are the bonus!)

5) Sword Fights

In "WinterDream," there are several scenes of dramatic sword-fighting. Clara and the Nutcracker face the dangers of the Mouse King and his "mice-men." You'll be sure to be on the edge of your seat as the two face perilous situations!

6) A Toy-Maker

In the story of "The Nutcracker," Uncle (or in some versions, Godfather) Drosselmeyer is the character we all love - to love! He's mysterious and strange, but kind too. There's a strange sort of clever wit Uncle Drosselmeyer possesses; there's something different that we can't quite place. But that's what entices Clara to him all the more. He's unlike anyone else in her life. Unlike anyone in the circle of society that she's been raised in. He's a magical being that you'll be sure to love.

7) The Music

Of course, as I wrote "WinterDream," I made a playlist of songs that definitely include the soundtrack that we all know and love. As you read along, you'll be able to figure out exactly where each song would begin and end (and then some.) Be on the look for more blog posts from me about the actual Playlist found on my Spotify account!

8) Romance

It wouldn't be right if "WinterDream" didn't have some element of romance. The Nutcracker and Clara share their own slow-burning love story that will have you wiggling your toes and smiling as they grow closer and closer to each other. It's a sweet and innocent sort of love - perfect for a Christmas romance.

(BONUS:)A Twist You Won't See Coming...

Without giving too much away - at the end, you'll more than likely look like this. But I implore you - READ ON!

(No - no cliffhanger! Worry not!)

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