6 Reasons to Read: The Shrike & the Shadows

"Once upon a time, on the edge of a great forest, there lived a very poor woodcutter with his wife and his two children, Hansel and Gretel..."

We all know the Brothers Grimm tale of "Hansel and Gretel," - the gingerbread house, made with sweets, and the witch who lures children into her home - only to devour them.

On March 3rd, 2020 - a new, darker version of the tale will be released, entitled: "The Shrike & the Shadows."

"The Shrike and the Shadows is a disturbingly dazzling venture into the depths of not only the woods, but the dangers of human-townsfolk psyche—and the horrifying truth behind folklore. Readers (and most certainly fans of dark historical films "The Witch" and "The Village") will enjoy Gadoury and Wright’s inventive take on Hansel & Gretel, and the bloodthirsty entity hunting them." - Brianna Sugalski

Here are some reasons why you should give into "The Shrike & the Shadows" and journey deep into the witch's wood.

But beware, don't stray from the path. . .

1) Hozier

Believe it or not, but Hozier played a vital role in the creation of "The Shrike & the Shadows." With songs, "In the Woods, Somewhere," "Shrike," and "Take Me to Church," Gadoury and Wright found inspiration for the world, the characters and the dynamics between them. It's easy to find your mind drifting to a darkened, haunted woods with just the song, "In the Woods, Somewhere." (And as you read, perhaps even venture a listen!)

Greta was almost sure there were more than just Father Emory and the villagers watching—but the Shrike. She was there, in the woods somewhere. Waiting.

2) Barin

Are you ready for the Book-Boyfriend of ALL Book-Boyfriends? It might seem like quite a lot to promise, but - Barin certainly won't leave you feeling disappointed.

Greta shivered as she slid her hands over her arms.

“Cold?” he asked.

“It was just a chill,” she said weakly.

Barin watched her for only a second, and then he was shifting himself around the fire to sit beside her. It was an overwhelming difference. The heat that radiated from him was warmer than anything that the fire had produced.

'He feels like a midsummer afternoon,' she thought, happy to have finally chased away the chill in her bones.

“Thank you.”

Barin nodded as he watched her with a small smile, matching the gentle lull in his voice.

“Do you think you can rest now?”

“I’ll try.” She yawned.

“Good.” His words faded as her eyes blurred. “Sleep easy, Greta.”

3) A Different Sort of Witch

The witch in "The Shrike & the Shadows" isn't exactly the old hag one might imagine in the tale of "Hansel and Gretel." The Shrike certainly doesn't live in a Gingerbread house, or lure children in with sweets. She's the fantasy of every man, and lures them away from their beds in the middle of the night - promising lustful pleasures. . .

They disappear, leaving nothing but their hearts on the doorsteps of their homes. She has no real, definitive face - for what one cannot see - becomes all the more terrifying.

“The story of the Shrike is a cautionary tale, kleine kinder.” Brugg closed his eyes and stroked his beard as he spoke. “She is a mysterious witch that lives in the woods. Not one person has ever seen her, and if they have, then they did not live long enough to tell another living soul.” The children gasped.

“The Shrike, kinder, comes only at night.”

“But why?” one of the children asked.

“Because she travels in the shadows, of course.” Another child cried out.

“Mama says I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark! She says I’m too big to be afraid anymore.” “She’s right. You don’t need to be afraid of the dark,” Brugg mused, “But afraid of the Shrike.”

4) Tom Holland

Tom should be reason enough to read a book, right? When the authors were looking for a face character of Hans - Tom Holland just seemed to be the perfect fit. Now when you read "The Shrike & the Shadows," just imagine Tom. (Minus the Spider man suit.)

5) Romance

There is a sweet romance that blossoms in "The Shrike and the Shadows," - and in some aspects leaves nothing to the imagination.

But we won't spoil the surprise. . .

6) Perfect for Halloween

It's a known thing that many of us go looking for more terrifying and scary things during the September and October months. Tis' the Season as they say! "The Shrike & the Shadows" delivers in more ways than one if you're looking to sip on more than just pumpkin spice flavors ;) Blood, witches, spells, werewolves, and horrific creatures. . . all mixed into a haunted forest?

Sounds like the perfect companion to a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!

But don't just take our word for it!

Check out the reviews for "The Shrike & the Shadows" on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47561087-the-shrike-the-shadows

Check out "The Shrike and the Shadows"

Score Playlist and the Various Artist Playlist on Spotify!

Be sure to follow the authors, Chantal Gadoury and A.M Wright to find out more about their novel, "The Shrike & the Shadows."

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